Let Us Take Care Of Your Stone

To retain the natural beauty of your natural stone and tile, have it cleaned, sealed, and polished.

Bathrooms and kitchens – annually

In high traffic areas – annually

Neglected floors and counters may need restoration, sealer and power polish.

Clean & Seal Showers

Preserve the beauty and prevent mold from developing behind the tile and in the grout.

Look for cracks in the shower where the wall meets the floor. Cracks will allow water to get under the tile and could result in expensive tile replacement. Showers need cleaning, sealing and polishing at least once a year.

Clean & Seal Tile Floors

…to resist dirt and moisture.  Stone and grout are porous and continued exposure to chemicals, dirt and water will likely result in dull tile and dirty grout.

Granite & Marble Counters

It’s stone and porous which means it requires a granite/marble sealer to seal out dirt, chemicals, and bacteria.

Use great care in selecting your cleaning products, find out what’s bad and what’s good to use. Marble often needs restoration.

Outdoor Patios

It is beautiful but it sucks up the dirt and it is hard to clean. A special outdoor wet look sealer will renew that new look and it’s easier to keep clean after we strip the dirt and grime from the tile and grout.

Slate Flagstone, Saltillo, and colored concrete are most popular. Non-slip sealer is available in low luster or wet look sealer.

New Homes/Old Homes/Clean & Seal

In my 29 years of experience. All while working hands-on on every job,  I have found that NEW HOMES are not sealed by the tile installer or developer. This is the case 95% 0f the time. There is a reason for this. Grout must cure for 48 hours prior to sealing. The installer is long gone to the next job. Your natural stone and grout remains unprotected. This is not the case with granite slabs, as most good installers seal the granite at the time of installation (there is no grout to cure).